Great workshop. All lawyers should attend

— Debevoise & Plimpton Law Associate

That was one of the best personal learning sessions I’ve been to in a while. Thank you so much for inviting Shahar to the office to share his knowledge and expertise with the rest of the team.
— DoorDash Employee

Student Testimonials

“Loved it. Good pace, approachable, and realistic. Feels doable.”
— Columbia Masters Student
This is becoming one of the most helpful parts of my college experience.
— Harvard Undergraduate

"The program helped motivate me to be much more wary about how I manage my finances."

– Harvard Undergraduate


"Fantastic!  A much needed addition to help graduate students navigate their financial situation."

– Columbia Masters Student


"This will give you the foundational understanding you need to feel competent with your finances."

– Harvard Undergraduate

“Had initial concern I’d find it boring after 2 hours because I’m not a finance person (or difficult to understand because I have about zero background in this), but I was SO wrong. Thank you for making it enjoyable and easy to understand for a noob like me!”
— Columbia Ph.D. Student

"You will feel significantly more confident walking out of the class that you can take care of your own finances after college."

– Harvard Undergraduate


"This is excellent and I would highly recommend it.  I am normally very scared of financial planning and this made it accessible."

– Columbia Masters Student


"Before this program, I was very nervous and uncomfortable with my personal finance. After going through this program, I am happy to say that I'm more confident and know more about my personal finances. All of the topics discussed were relevant and presented in a very clear way."

– Harvard Undergraduate

What an essential program. I would take this again- every year in fact- while in college. Nobody talks about this crucial information, which is absolutely shocking if students hope to be responsible adults by graduation
— Harvard Undergraduate

employee Testimonials

Well delivered and a welcome change of pace”
— Mount Sinai Resident Physician
Fantastic.  Most useful presentation from the summer”
— Debevoise Summer Associate

“The candor and approach was well received. I look forward to more sessions“

– Debevoise Law Associate

"This was one of the best personal learning sessions that I’ve been to in a while!”

– DoorDash (NY) Corporate Employee

“Shahar was affable, clearly knowledgeable, and veru responsive to questions”

– Debevoise Summer Associate

“Today’s session exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the concrete takeaways”
— Debevoise Summer Associate

university & Employee partners

“Shahar is an engaging presenter who incorporates a Harvard Business School teaching style that features interactive engagement with the audience. He is skilled at simplifying fairly complicated personal financial topics into easy to understand concepts. More importantly, Shahar guides his students from theoretical topics to practical action steps that they could immediately incorporate into their financial lives.

Shahar’s passion for personal finance is reflected by his wealth of energy and a tireless focus on helping individuals develop skills that result in life changing improvements to financial health. The programs he develops are built upon academic research and use material that is tailored to the unique needs and experiences of the class he is leading. As a result, Shahar delivers presentations that feature relevant information and strategies targeted to the situations and the life stage of participants.”
— Tom Murphy, VP of Consumer Lending - Newburyport Bank
Newburyport Bank.JPG

Shahar expertly distilled a challenging topic into key learnings that were accessible and easy to understand. Our whole group is better prepared to make tough decisions . I’d recommend Shahar and his seminar to any group.”
— Elan Greenberg, Director & GM - DoorDash

"It’s rare to encounter a standout talent, like Shahar Ziv. I’ve found Shahar to be among the most knowledgeable and passionate advocates for financial education.

As one of the founders of the personal finance course taught every year at Harvard, I’ve come to respect and admire Shahar’s breadth of talent. From delivering interactive lectures to writing compelling case studies, Shahar is an invaluable, trustworthy resource for developing practical strategies towards a lifetime of personal financial management.

Regardless of whether you are looking to help students or employees with paying back student loans, managing debt, saving for a home, or investing in their future, Shahar’s seasoned experienced as a financial literacy instructor will get you there. I would recommend working with Shahar without hesitation. His sense of humor and enthusiasm, coupled with his practical knowledge position him to become the next great financial educator."

– Laura Buso, Program Coordinator for Harvard Personal Financial Management Program

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