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from masters' students

2016-17 Workshops

"Great workshop that answered a lot of my questions and directed me towards really good information. Eager to attend future sessions."

"I had an initial concern that I'd find it boring after 2 hours because I'm not a finance person (or difficult to understand because I have zero background in this), but I was SO wrong.  Thank you for making it enjoyable and easy to understand for a noob like me!"

2015-16 Workshops

"Fantastic! A much needed addition to help grad students navigate financial situation."

"This is excellent and I would highly recommend it.  I am normally very scared of financial planning and this made it accessible."

from ph.d. students

2016-17 Workshops

"This was super helpful! I knew very little of this and it was great to learn"

"Was both a nice description of the basics and contained helpful info for me even as someone who already budgets, saves for retirement, and is thinking long-term"

"Loved it.  Good pace, approachable, and realistic.  Feels doable"    


2015-16 Workshops

"Fantastic workshop and Shahar was very flexible about accommodating to our needs and interests"